Anti Slip Floor Paints

Anti Slip Floor Paint

When choosing a floor paint it is important to consider what kind of wear and tear the floor surface is likely to receive as well as an understanding of its key purpose. Safety, as always is a crucial factor, particularly where there is a lot of human foot traffic and activity.

Applying an anti-slip epoxy floor paint is the perfect way to provide safety in the environment around you as well as for the people that use it. At CPRL the non-slip paint we offer can be utilised for a variety of purposes and applications.

For uses as an industrial anti-slip floor paint, environments where there is high foot traffic and heavy vehicular usage are perfect for the application. The slip-resistant floor paint provides superior hardness, durability and protection from scratches, impacts and general abrasion whilst also offering good chemical resistance.

The formulation has many other uses such as a wetroom anti-slip floor paint and anti-slip outdoor floor paint for exterior concrete being some of the common projects for this type of product.  It is easy to use and easy to apply, is solvent-free and low odour and has excellent slip resistance properties. 

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