Metal Paints

Metal paints and coatings are typically applied to metal to protect the surface from environmental exposure as well as harmful substances such as oil, petrol, diesel and dirt. Coating the metal with a polymer-based epoxy paint prevents oxidation, loose rust and extends the overall life of the metal substrate.

Epoxy paint is a special type of paint that has a number of potential uses both for interior and exterior application. Epoxy paint has a reputation as one of the toughest and most durable coating materials available on the market today.

Here at CPRL, we offer a range of metal paints and coatings suitable for a variety of applications. Our high-quality epoxy, water-based, anti-corrosion and UV resistant formulations are on offer to ensure you have the best material for the job.

Here are just a few of our top-selling metal coatings and paint products and more information about their individual features:

epoxy metal paints are tough and durable and perfect for rusty metal and chemical corrosion. As such they are popular across a number of different industries and for many different applications.

At CPRL our high build, epoxy metal paints are solvent-free, low odour with excellent chemical resistant properties and can be supplied in a range of colours.

anti-corrosion options are applied to metallic surfaces as well as ferrous metal, cast iron and steel surfaces. These types of paints are great as outdoor metal paints and are typically used for the preservation of structural steelwork against acid fumes and adverse weather conditions.

  • CPR 501 – Metal Paint – Epoxy HB – Rapid Cure can be used as an exterior paint as well as interior. The product has all the same benefits as CPR 500 but with the added features of being anti-corrosion and rapid curing to ensure a fast return to service when required.

 Water-based unlike solvent-based are completely solvent-free. These paints are extremely effective at protecting metal surfaces from corrosion, moisture, chemical, UV, and mechanical damage. Having low odour makes them ideal for sensitive operating environments such as kitchens, laboratories, and food manufacturing facilities.

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