Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers are applied to internal or external concrete substrates to protect them from surface damage, corrosion, and staining. They offer increased protection against water, oil and grease stains and work by blocking the pores in the concrete to reduce the absorption of water and salts as well as forming an impermeable layer that prevents these types of materials from passing through.

As always there are numerous products to choose from depending on the type of project you are undertaking – each with its own particular formulation depending on the job. 

At CPRL we offer a range of concrete sealers ideal for a variety of applications, from garage floor home project to large scale industrial application we can arrange everything you need from our product range.

Here are just a few of our top selling concrete sealer products and their features:

Concrete drive sealers are typically applied on top of a driveway to protect it. There are several different formulations used to make concrete sealer paints, including two-part epoxy resin concrete sealers and one-part synthetic acrylic resin sealers. There are low viscosity products that can be mixed with stone aggregate to create a new resin bound surface. There are also screed sealers that are used to protect epoxy and polyurethane resin floor screeds.

It is also possible to purchase a concrete driveway sealer with colour or clear sealers, which showcase the quality of the stone aggregate, concrete, pavers, or natural stone slabs used to make up your driveway.

  • CPR 900 – Clear Epoxy Concrete Sealer – UV Stable comes as a clear concrete sealer ideal as a concrete floor sealer and for natural stonework, and block paving sealer. It is a solvent-free sealer that is UV stable, low odour, and low viscosity. CPR 900 provides excellent adhesion and protection from UV, chemical, and water damage. CPR 900 can also be used as a binder for coloured Quartz or natural stone aggregate and can be used in conjunction with the CPRL SL Screed flake system.
  • CPR 902 – PU Screed Sealer is a single pack, water-based, matt sealer. It provides epoxy and polyurethane resin floor screeds with excellent protection from chemical, abrasion, and water damage. It is easy to apply, has excellent adhesive properties for sealing your concrete and dries quickly.
  • CPR 903 – Stain Resistant Stone & Concrete Sealer is an all-purpose stone & concrete sealer that can be used to protect natural stone, concrete, marble, terracotta; paving stones, granite, clay, slate and unglazed tile. It can be used on driveways, paths, floors, and walls. It is excellent as a waterproof concrete sealer and offers resistance and protection against oil, grease, dirt, weathering, and ageing. It is a single pack product that is easy to apply and does not change the appearance of the substrate.
  • CPR 904 – Low Viscosity Concrete Sealer this low viscosity sealer can be used as a sealer or surface hardener. It is ideal for work on cementitious floors in factories, garages, engineering workshops, abattoirs, and dairies. It is a two-pack epoxy solution that penetrates concrete surfaces very effectively. It hardens floors, is a great concrete dustproofer, waterproofer and is chemical resistant.
  • CPR 905 – Clear Concrete Sealer & Surface Hardener is perfect for sealing and hardening new concrete surfaces and is highly effective at extending their lifespan. It can be used as a primer or sealer before top coats are applied. Ideal for car parks, warehouses, industrial sites, and high traffic areas.
  • CPR 906 – Acrylic Resin Sealer is a single pack sealer that can be used to cure/seal new concrete, seal/dustproof old concrete, and prime or seal floors before topcoats are added. A versatile sealer that can be used in a wide variety of environments.
  • CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer is great for sealing new or old concrete, block paving and natural stone driveways. It adds dust protection, water resistance, and oil/petrol/chemical resistance.

resin bonded driveway sealer is a fantastic option for protecting your concrete, resin bound, or paved driveway surfaces from damage. This material creates a strong protective layer on the top of the driveway, which protects it from water, chemical, UV, and oil damage.

  • CPR 700 – Stone Bonding Resin is used in combination with decorative aggregate to create an attractive ‘stone carpet’ layer. It is a two-pack product that must be mixed before being applied.

 It functions as a highly adaptable sealer, which can be used on top of many surface types including concrete, tarmac, and asphalt. It takes on the look of a loose aggregate driveway, but is extremely smooth and does not have any loose stones. The properties of stone bonding resin include:

  • CPR 901 – Clear Resin Bound Sealer is ideal for epoxy resin-based ‘stone carpets’ and quartz screeds. It is a two-pack epoxy-based sealer that forms an extremely clear glossy finish that is unaffected by UV light. Key properties of our clear resin-bound sealer include:

penny floor resin also called penny floor epoxy or penny floor epoxy resin is a clear sealer that is applied to penny floors. Made from a combination of polymer resins and hardeners, it creates an extremely smooth and shiny surface that highlights the quality of your pennies and brightens a space.

  • CPR 819 – Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin is designed for thick applications of epoxy where objects are encased. It is an extremely clear high-gloss epoxy that will highlight all of the features of your pennies. Its excellent UV resistance means it is suitable for areas that are exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Our concrete sealers are easily applied and add a protective top layer that ensures your driveway remains attractive and durable for many years to come.

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 In addition to our range of concrete sealers, we offer a wide range of concrete primers including, epoxy high build, acid-resistant, anti-static, wáter based and MMA products to learn more about our concrete primers read more here