Primers & Sealers

What are Primers & Sealers

Primers and Sealers come in a variety of formulations that can be used for anything from painting walls to coating floors, tarmac or metal surfaces. So how do you know which primer and sealer to use and when? Here at CPRL we try and simplify what the products do and what to use them for…

Concrete Primers – Our concrete primer-sealers exhibit outstanding adhesion to concrete surfaces. Typically, these concrete primers are used to consolidate porous concrete before the application of concrete floor paints and coatings. 

Metal Primers – Whether you are looking for a metal primer to treat an old appliance with rust, galvanised primers for outdoor use, or a steel primer we have got you covered. With free expert advice, affordable prices, a wide range of primers, and fast delivery, we are hard to beat. 

Concrete Sealers – We offer a range of concrete sealers ideal for a variety of applications, from garage floor home project to large scale industrial applications we can arrange everything you need from our product range.