Concrete Resurfacing Screeds

Best Uses For Concrete Resurfacing Screeds

Concrete resurfacing screeds are typically applied over concrete floors or walls to provide a level, tough, waterproof and chemical-resistant finish. Screeds can be used for a number of different applications, from floor levelling, decorative screeds to fillet and cove screeds, thin section surfacers and thin section coves at the junction of floors.

These concrete resurfacing screeds are most often applied in food production factories, dairies, electronic and engineering industries, refineries and hospitals due to their protective, decorative and hygienic properties.

Our range includes a number of options including epoxy floor screeds, quartz screed, thin section surfacers and fillet and cove screeds. Each with unique properties and some options available in a range of colours.

Below are just a few of our top selling products – please view our range to find the best product for your project – all at super competitive prices:

CPR 703 – Epoxy Screed is a seamless protective and decorative, thin section screed perfect for use in food factories, dairies, abattoirs, plating ships, hospitals, sugar refineries, breweries, chemical bunds etc. CPR 703 is a three-pack epoxy resin based floor screed designed for application at 4-6mm thickness. The Screed comprises a Base component, a Curing Agent component and a specially graded Aggregate component. The epoxy screed is easy to apply and does not stick to the trowel. CPR 703 is non-dusting, chemical and abrasion-resistant, non-slip in nature and may be rapidly opened to traffic.

CPR 704 – Coloured Quartz Epoxy Screed is used as a decorative, hygienic, and durable floor screed where aesthetics are an important consideration e.g. food production, electronic and engineering industries, printing, pharmaceutical production, hospitals, etc. The coloured quartz screed is a three-component, multicoloured quartz-based epoxy resin floor system.  It provides a hard-wearing, non-slip, chemical resistant floor topping of aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Available in an attractive standard range of colour mixes, although individual designs can be custom made.

CPR 710 – MMA Fillet & Cove Screed is a three-pack, Methyl Methacrylate resin-based mortar designed to allow the formulation of thin section coves at the junction of floors and walls. In common with other products in the CPR MMA range, CPR 710 – MMA Fillet & Cove Screed exhibits very fast curing characteristics, even at low temperatures.

CPR 726 – Concrete Re-surfacer is a two-pack, water-based, thin section surfacer for sealing porous blockwork and concrete surfaces prior to coating application. The product eliminates blow-holes, which allows a pin-hole free coating to be subsequently applied. The material is cost-effective and easy to use with excellent adhesion and damp tolerant qualities.

As always at CPRL we are here to meet the needs of our customers. If you’re not sure what kind of resurfacing product you need for your project, please contact us and our technical team can talk through the options and the costs to ensure you have the right material for the job.

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