Chemical Resistant Floor Paints

Chemical Resistant Floor Paint

Chemical resistant floor paints are a range of products developed specifically for greater protection and resistance to common everyday chemicals. The products are perfect for use on floors where spillage of hydraulic oils, fuels and organic acids and alkalis is likely. This makes the materials perfect for use as concrete floor paint in environments such as factories, laboratories, garages and restaurants where this additional durability, resistance and protection is required from a floor paint.

The two-part epoxy floor paint formulations we use are easy to apply and designed to be environmentally friendly, containing no solvents and having low odour. This makes them particularly beneficial in areas of high human activity and where a quick return to service is often needed.


Our range at CPRL offers a variety of formulations such as water-based, high build and rapid cure for you to choose from to ensure you get the right product for the job. We also offer additional features such as non-slip, full range of colours and matt or gloss finish options which you can request when you make your order.

Whether you have a small domestic project for garage floor paint or a large commercial or industrial application we can help you find the right chemical resistant coating for your wall or floor substrate.

Check our best selling products here:

CPR 802 Chemical Resistant Floor Paint – Epoxy HB  and CPR 805 – Chemical Resistant Floor Paint – Epoxy HB – Rapid Cure is a two-pack Epoxy coating that provides protective and decorative properties to concrete, steel and other substrates – rapid cure option has the added fast-drying benefit.

CPR 811 – Chemical Resistant Floor Paint – Epoxy WB and our fast-drying option CPR 814 – Chemical Resistant Floor Paint – Epoxy WB – Rapid Cure is a high performance, water-dispersible Epoxy coating for the treatment of floors in industrial environments. It is designed to be user and environmentally friendly, containing no solvents and being of a very low odour during application.  The product provides a decorative, abrasion and chemically resistant coating of excellent durability.

CPR 609 – Chemical Resistant Coating – Epoxy WB is a high performance, water-dispersible Epoxy coating for the treatment of wall and floor surfaces. It is designed to be user and environmentally friendly, containing no solvents and being of a low odour during application.

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