Sub Zero Floor Paints

Sub Zero Floor Paints

Sub-zero floor paints also known as low temperature or winter-grade paints have a number of key benefits, particularly for projects being carried out in low or freezing temperatures.

These specialist sub-zero paints can be applied in temperatures as low as -25 to -30 degrees which makes them perfect for external work in cold weather but also internal projects such as walk-in freezers and cold storage facilities.

Food manufacturing, breweries and chemical handling/ warehousing are common indoor environments as are garage floors but these paints are extremely versatile and often used for external walkways, loading bays, ramps and bridges as well as use within larger-scale offshore environments – and many more industrial, commercial and domestic operations.

Standard floor paints can become thicker and much less easy to apply in cold conditions and low temperatures can prevent paint from drying. Sub-zero floor paints have ultra-fast curing characteristics which allow a much quicker return to service and less downtime.

Other typical features of sub-zero floor paints are:

  • Good adhesion to concrete and steel
  • Resistant to water, oil, petrol, diesel and many industrial chemicals
  • Flexible and abrasion-resistant
  • Colour options for easy differentiation of specific areas e.g. walkways and parking bays in different colours
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Minimal surface preparation and easy application

CPR 407 – Sub-Zero – Concrete Primer has been developed as a general-purpose primer, being used prior to any of the CPR MMA range of coatings, mortars, and screeds. The product exhibits outstanding adhesion to concrete, as well as steel, masonry, and marine plywood, and the fast curing characteristics allow rapid application of subsequent coatings, mortars or screeds.

CPR 407 is supplied as a two-pack material, comprising pre-weighed amounts of BASE and CATALYST components. The mix ratio is fairly tolerant to variations within the range of 1% to 5% addition of Catalyst, so that part packs may be used if care is exercised.

CPR 824 – Sub-Zero Deck Paint is a three-pack Methacrylate resin system, modified to impart toughness, resilience and waterproofing properties to the cured membrane. It has the additional feature of curing at very low, sub-zero temperatures.

The abrasion and impact resistance, together with the low-temperature flexibility and excellent adhesion to concrete and steel make CPR 824 ideal for use as a membrane subjected to vehicular traffic. By broadcasting a layer of suitable aggregate, a slip-resistant surface can easily be achieved.

CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating (5kg) is a two-pack, fast curing coating designed to provide a dust-free, seamless floor finish with protective and decorative properties. The inherent slip resistance of the coating may be enhanced by the incorporation of a suitable anti-slip dressing aggregate.


As always at CPRL we are here to meet the needs of our customers. If you’re not sure what kind of paint you need for your project please contact us and our technical team can talk through the options and the costs so that you have the right product for the job.

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