CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating (5kg)

Typical Properties

  • Tough and abrasion-resistant
  • Colour Stable
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Rapid curing minimises downtimes
  • Suitable in wet areas
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned
  • Cures at low temperatures to minus 25 °C
  • Hot water and fat resistant to 80°C

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Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating

CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating is a two-pack, fast curing coating designed to provide a dust-free, seamless floor finish with protective and decorative properties. The inherent slip resistance of the coating may be enhanced by the incorporation of a suitable anti-slip dressing aggregate.

CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating allows a fast return to service.

Directions for Use

Surface Preparation 

  • Concrete surfaces shall be a minimum of 21 days old and/or the residual moisture content shall be below 6%.
  • Ensure that the concrete is clean and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil, curing compound, and existing paint finishes, etc.
  • Blowholes and defective concrete shall be made good using a proprietary repair compound e.g. CPR 711 – MMA Concrete Patch Repair Mortar.
  • Suitable mechanical treatment, such as vacuum grit blasting, is the preferred treatment prior to application as this ensures a mechanical ‘key’ that will optimise adhesion.
  • Steel surfaces shall be shot blasted or grit blasted to a nominal Sa 2.5 Swedish Standard.
  • All dust shall be removed prior to coating application.
  • A coat of CPR 412 – MMA Metal Primer shall be applied as soon as practicable after blasting, in order to obviate the possible occurrence of ‘flash rusting’.


  • Concrete surfaces shall be primed with a coat of CPR 407 – Sub-Zero – Concrete Primer, applied by brush or roller, at a nominal rate of 0.3kg/m².
  • Long nap lambswool rollers are recommended for primer application.
  • Allow the primer to cure for a minimum of 40 minutes.
  • Steel surfaces shall be primed with CPR 412 MMA Metal Primer as soon as practicable after blasting.


  • CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating is supplied as a two-pack material consisting of the BASE component, and the CATALYST component. Incorporate the CATALYST component into the BASE component under mechanical stirring, and mix for 1-2 minutes.


  • Apply CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating using short nap perlon, or smooth lambswool rollers at a nominal rate of 0.30kg/m².
  • Following a minimum of 1 hour apply a second coat at the same nominal rate.
  • Should a slip-resistant or skid-resistant finish be required then broadcast an appropriate aggregate onto the first coat within 10 minutes of application.
  • Following a minimum of 1 hour sweep off excess aggregate and apply the second coat of CPR 826 – MMA Colour Stable Coating Sub-Zero.
  • NOTE: CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating may be applied at greater thicknesses should service conditions warrant it.

Equipment Cleaning


  • Light Foot Traffic: 1 hour @ 20°C
  • Vehicular Traffic: 2 Hours @ 20°C
  • Full chemical resistance: 24 hours @ 20°C

Storage and Shelf Life

  • Store in dry conditions, out of direct sunlight, at temperatures between 10°C and 20°C.
  • Adequate ventilation of the storage area should be provided.
  • Keep container tightly closed when not in use.
  • CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating has a minimum shelf life of 6 months when stored in original, unopened containers in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


  • CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating is supplied in 1kg and 5kg packs.


  • A 5kg pack is sufficient to cover an area of 8.3m² with the recommended two coat treatment, providing a minimum thickness of 500 microns.

Technical Data

  • Colour: CPRL standard colours (any BS4800 or RAL colour can be supplied upon request)
  • Pot life @ 20°C: 15-20 Minutes
  • Pot life @ 10°C: 25-30 minutes
  • Tensile strength: 20N/mm²
  • Elongation at break: 2%
  • Flexural strength: 37N/mm²
  • Adhesion to concrete: 3.8N/mm²(concrete failure)
  • Adhesive strength to grit blasted steel: 12N/mm²
  • Temperature range during application: -25°C to + 40°C
  • Temperature range during service: -25°C to + 80°C
  • Chemical resistance: Excellent resistance to dilute acids and alkalis, oil, petrol, diesel, vegetable oils, and fruit juices.
  • For specific advice please consult our Technical Department.


  • Do not apply to wet, uncured or unprimed concrete surfaces.
  • CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating will taint food during application, any foodstuffs in the immediate vicinity must be removed or properly covered.

Health and Safety

  • CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating is flammable during application, so adequate safety precautions should be observed.
  • Avoid contact of the material with skin and eyes.
  • Wear gloves and goggles.
  • Wash off splashes immediately with soap and water.
  • Any eye contamination must be rapidly irrigated with copious amounts of clean water, and immediate medical attention sought.
  • Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.
  • CPR 826 – Sub-Zero Colour Stable Coating shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For specific advice regarding any aspect of this product please consult our Technical Department.

Legal Notice

Whilst all reasonable care is taken in compiling technical data on the Company’s products, all recommendations or suggestions regarding the use of such products are made without guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond the control of the Company.

It is the customer’s responsibility to satisfy himself that each product is fit for the purpose for which he intends to use it, that the actual conditions of use are suitable and that in the light of our continual research and development program the information relating to each product has not been superseded.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
CPRL Colours

Black (RAL 9005), Carmine Red (RAL 3002), Iron Grey ( RAL 7011), Leaf Green ( RAL 6002), Light Grey (RAL 7035), Oxide Red (Ral 3009), Signal White (RAL 9003), Silver Grey (Ral 7001), Sky Blue (RAL 5015)


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