Sulphuric Acid Bund Lining

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Coating a Bund for Sulphuric Acid

There is often a range of hazardous chemicals contained in concrete bunds and one of the most common substances is Sulphuric Acid.  At CPRL our Bund Coat 3 system is formulated with high quality resin technology and offers chemical resistance on long term immersion basis of between 96% and 99% sulphuric acid concentration -making it the perfect solution for this type of bund protection.

Concrete, Breeze Block and Brick

Preparation is key to any successful bund lining project and sulphuric acid bunds are no different. Substrates need to be thoroughly prepared, cleaned and repaired.

For the best results we always recommend grit blasting the internal walls and floors of the chemical bund tank. This will ensure the removal of any existing coating, grease laitance and debris. Any repairs will need to be undertaken to the substrates before applying the new coating, again ensuring the optimum environment as well as providing the mechanical key for the new coating.

The high-quality epoxy resin-based products we recommend come as a two-pack system, comprising pre-weighed amounts of BASE and CURING AGENT components to ensure accurate application ratios and ease of use.