Month: November 2022

Categories: Coatings & Paints


Coating A Diesel Bund

Concrete bunds, or secondary containment tanks will, over time deteriorate. Unlike some other concrete structures, damage with secondary containment can have severe consequences!

At CPRL our top-quality epoxy products ensure long lasting bund containment for spillages such as diesel, oil leaks and many more potentially hazardous materials.


Concrete, Breeze Block and Brick



Preparation is key to any successful bund lining project and diesel bunds are no different. Substrates need to be thoroughly prepared, cleaned and repaired to the highest standard. We recommend grit blasting or mechanical scabbling to ensure the removal of contaminants in order to get the best results from the new coating. 

The high-quality epoxy resin-based products we recommend come as a two-pack system, comprising pre-weighed amounts of BASE and CURING AGENT components to ensure accurate application ratios. These materials have been developed for use in applications to oil contaminated substrates and exhibit outstanding adhesion to concrete and other substrates.

Both products are solvent free and low odour and offer excellent chemical resistance.

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