Why Use a Rapid Cure Primer for Concrete?

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What Is A Rapid Cure Primer Concrete Primer?

Rapid cure concrete primers are fast setting primers designed for use on concrete and masonry surfaces. The faster cure rate means they can accept foot or vehicle traffic within 12 hours of being applied — which is particularly useful for busy commercial or industrial locations.

Rapid cure primers exhibit excellent adhesion on both new and old concrete, including surfaces that are cool or damp. They do an excellent job of sealing concrete surfaces, making the surface more resilient to damage from chemicals, bacteria, and abrasion.

Once a rapid cure primer has bonded, it provides an excellent surface for applying paint or another sealant. It will greatly increase the longevity of your top coat, ensuring painted or sealed surfaces look fantastic for many years to come.

Our quick dry epoxy products are a two pack, water dispersible solution, ideal for priming, sealing, or clear coating a surface. We also offer MMA quick dry primers, which have a thin viscosity which makes them easy to apply. All of our products are formulated to meet the technical and environmental requirements of modern buildings.

 Our products are also non-toxic, low odour, solvent free, and non-flammable. This makes them ideal for use in food preparation areas, schools, day care centres, laboratories, and virtually any other environment. Check out our range Rapid Cure Concrete Primers  which includes:

  • CPR 402 – Concrete Primer – Epoxy WB – Rapid Cure  – CPR 402 is a rapid cure clear sealer which is ideal for concrete and masonry surfaces. It is the perfect primer for other CPR coatings like the CPR 821 Waterproof Desk System and the CPR 808 Self Levelling Flexible Deck Coating. It works well on damp surfaces, making it ideal for food factories, dairies, laboratories, abattoirs, subways, chemical

If you are unsure which type of Quick dry primer to use Contact Us or send us an email.

Benefits Of Using Rapid Cure Concrete Primers

Here are a few of the advantages of using a rapid cure concrete primer:

Easily applied

All of our rapid cure concrete primers have a low-medium viscosity which makes easy to apply to concrete, steel, and timber surfaces. Because they dry quickly, you will be able to walk on or drive a freshly coated surface within a couple of hours. This makes rapid cure primers a great choice for busy commercial or industrial locations.

A great way to protect a concrete floor

Applying a rapid cure concrete primer can protect your floor against bacteria and chemical corrosion, fire, and physical damage. Concrete primers will also give your top coat of paint much more adherence and resilience, increasing its lifespan.

Excellent adhesion to both dry and damp surfaces

All rapid cure concrete primers have excellent adhesion on both dry and damp surfaces, which makes applying them even easier. There is also a speciality MMA Damp Tolerant Concrete Primer for very damp environments like basements, tunnels, and swimming pool surrounds.

Economical and versatile

Rapid cure concrete primers are affordable and can be used on a variety of materials. Applying a primer is a simple way to greatly improve the lifespan of surfaces.