What Are Metal Primers?

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What Are Metal Primers?

Metal primers are specially formulated primers that can adhere to heavy and dense metal substrates. They play two critical roles:

  1. Providing a surface to which paint can stick.
  2. Protecting the metal surface against oxidation, rust, chemical damage, abrasive damage, oil damage, water damage and so on.

There are three common types of metal primers available: epoxy metal primers, solvent based primers, and MMA metal primers. Each formulation has its own unique pros/con. We stock all three types, including:

CPR 410 – Metal Primer – Epoxy WB 

CPR 410 is a two pack primer that must be mixed before being used. It is a fast drying, non toxic primer with excellent adherence. It displays particularly good anti-corrosive and chemical resistance properties, is easily applied and dries quickly. CPR 410 is non toxic.

CPR 411 – Metal Primer – Solvented 

This solvent based primer is an excellent anti-corrosive for steel, galvanised steel and aluminium. It is capable of adhering to minimally prepared surfaces, which makes application much easier. It provides excellent water resistance, good adhesion, and is compatible with a range of top coats.

CPR 412 – MMA Metal Primer 

CPR 412 uses Methyl methacrylate (MMA), an all-natural compound found in many paints and primers. This particular primer can be used on both metal and ceramic objects, which makes it a versatile option. It is a rapid cure primer which provides excellent adhesion, water resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance.

What Are The Best Metal Primers?

The best metal primer for your project will vary based on your intended usage. Fortunately, CPRL makes it easy to find the ideal product by providing free expert advice. Just give Contact Us and we will offer a few recommendations. Whether you are interested in rusty metal primers, galvanised metal primers, or a general steel primer, we will help you find the best product.