CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer

Typical Uses

  • Use CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer as a curing/sealing treatment to new concrete, and as a sealing/dust-proofing treatment to old concrete and blocks to provide a sealed and dust-proof surface with resistance to the ingress of oil, petrol and chemical spillages.

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Concrete Drive & Block Sealer

CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer is a single pack, solvent borne, acrylic resin-based, surface sealer and dust-proofer for concrete and block paving. When applied to freshly placed concrete CPR 910 functions as a curing membrane, reducing any tendency towards drying shrinkage cracks. At the same time the surface becomes sealed against the ingress of oils and many aqueous chemicals, and a harder wearing floor is produced.

When applied onto old concrete or blocks CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer penetrates into the pore structure thereby sealing and dust-proofing the surface.

Typical Properties

  • Easily applied by brush, roller or spray
  • Single pack – ready to use
  • Good chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Seals and dust-proofs the surface
  • Resistant to ultra violet radiation
  • Provides easily cleanable floor surface
  • Internal and external use

Directions for Use

Surface Preparation

  • Old concrete and block paving shall be sound and free from oil, grease, laitance and other contaminants. Previously applied paint or curing membrane must be removed. If required, wash the floor with a detergent followed by a clean water wash, and then allow to dry prior to sealer application.
  • New concrete – CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer may be applied 15 minutes after the final power float or brush finish, or at any appropriate time thereafter.


  • Old concrete – Apply a coat of CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer by brush, roller, squeegee or spray at a nominal rate of 8-9m²/ltr. Avoid the formation of puddles of excess material. After a minimum of 12 hours a second coat shall be applied at a rate of 11-12m²/litre. NOTE: on very porous substrates a third coat may be necessary.
  • New Concrete – Apply CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer by spray at a nominal rate of 5m²/ltr. Ensure that the material is applied evenly and avoid the formation of puddles of
    excess material on the surface. In hot and/or windy conditions, a second coat of CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer should be applied at a rate of 8-10m²/ltr.
  • Block Paving – Ensure material is applied to fully seal the surface. Coverage is dependent on the porosity of the block.

Equipment Cleaning


  • CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer will be tack free in 2-4 hours and hard dry after 20-24 hours in conditions of good ventilation.

Storage and Shelf Life

  • Store in dry conditions, out of direct sunlight, at temperatures between 10°C and 25°C.
  • Do not expose to freezing conditions.
  • CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer has a minimum of 12 months shelf life when stored in original, unopened containers in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


  • CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer is supplied in 25ltr drums.


  • Coverage is very much dependent on the porosity of the substrate.
  • New concrete – typical application rate is 5m²/ltr per coat. A second coat is recommended under fast drying ambient conditions.
  • Old concrete – for a smooth power floated concrete the typical application rate is 8-9m² first coat, 11-12m² second coat. i.e. overall rate = 4.6-5.1m²/ltr for 2 coats.
  • Block paving – dependent on the type of block – typically 2-4m²/ltr.

Technical Data

  • Appearance: Pale straw coloured liquid with characteristic odour
  • Pot Life: 25-30 minutes @ 20°C
  • Tack free time: 2-4 hours @ 20°C
  • Hard dry time: 24 hours @ 20°C
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to spillage of dilute mineral acids, caustic alkali solutions, vegetable oils, deicing salts, petrol, oil, brake fluid, etc.


  • Do not apply to wet or uncured concrete surfaces.
  • Do not apply externally if rain is likely during application.
  • Do not apply at temperatures of 3°C or less.

Health and Safety

  • Avoid contact of the material with skin and eyes.
  • Wear gloves and goggles.
  • Wash off splashes immediately with soap and water.
  • Any eye contamination must be rapidly irrigated with copious amounts of clean water, and immediate medical attention sought.
  • Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.
  • CPR 910 – Concrete Drive & Block Sealer shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.
  • For specific advice regarding any aspect of this product please consult our Technical Team.

Legal Notice

Whilst all reasonable care is taken in compiling technical data on the Company’s products, all recommendations or suggestions regarding the use of such products are made without guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond the control of the Company.

It is the customer’s responsibility to satisfy himself that each product is fit for the purpose for which he intends to use it, that the actual conditions of use are suitable and that in the light of our continual research and development program the information relating to each product has not been superseded.


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