Pipe Leak Repairs

A leaky pipe isn’t just a minor inconvenience. It is a potentially serious problem that can cause significant damage in a short amount of time. They can also put the occupants of a building in danger, if the liquid emitted by the pipe creates a slip hazard or causes an electrical fault.

Fortunately, pipe repair has been made easier in recent years by the development of pipe leak repair kits. These kits come with everything you need to repair leaky pipes in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

CPRL is one of the UK’s leading stockists of pipe leak repair kits. Our pipe repair kits include everything you will need to repair a pipe quickly and safely. Here is a little more information on our kits and how they work. If you have any questions, give our customer service team a call on 0113 518 7123.

CPRL Pipe Repair Kits

We offer customers a choice of 12 different water-activated pipe repair kits, which are designed to repair pipes ranging in size from 25 mm (1 inch) to 250 mm (10 inches). All kits include the following items:

Water Activated Pipe Repair Tape (kits for larger pipes have additional bandages)1 x 75mm x 22mm Epoxy Metal Putty for Leak Sealing

1 x 25mm x 3 metres Silicone Compression Tape

1 x Strip of Emery Cleaning Tape

1 x Alcohol Cleaning Wipe

2 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves

Full Application Instructions

Our pipe leak repair kits can be used for pipe leak repairs as a temporary fix or permanent repair up to a maximum working pressure of 10bar/ 145psi. They can be applied to virtually any material including steel, cast iron and plastic. Using our water-activated pipe wrap repair kits is simple:

Put on gloves

Clean, abrade and degrease the pipe surface using the cleaning tape

Use alcohol cleaning wipe on pipe surface

Soak the bandage in water, in accordance with instructions

Wrap pipe in the bandage

Wrap with silicone compression tape

The bandage will full harden in 30 minutes at 20°C (slightly longer if the temperature is lower). It forms a hard and very durable water proof barrier stopping the leak in its tracks.

Benefits Of Our Pipe Repair Kits

Here are just a few reasons to use CPRL’s Pipe Repair Kits:

✓  Ready to use

There is no mixing and no mess when using our pipe repair kits. The only preparatory steps that you will need to complete are cleaning the pipe and soaking the bandage.

✓  Bonds well to virtually any substrate

CPRL pipe repair kits can work well with pipes made from common substrates including steel, cast iron and plastic. You won’t need a separate copper pipe repair kit or PVC pipe leak repair kit – the standard kit covers these materials. Our kits ideal idea for most types of residential, commercial, or industrial pipe repair.

✓  Can repair damaged or leaking pipes very quickly

The pipe will be safe to use again in as little as an hour (depending on the ambient temperature and humidity). This makes out pipe repair kits ideal for busy commercial and industrial operating environments.

✓  Water-activated pipe wrap

Our bandages come pre-soaked in water-activated resin. It is a 100% natural low-VOC epoxy resin that is very safe to use.

✓  Effective cost-saving product

Our pipe repair kits are useful for reducing downtime in commercial and industrial operating environments. The simplicity of the application method also means reduced labour costs.

✓  Ideal for industrial pipe repair

CPRL pipe repair kits are perfect for industrial applications. Having several kits on hand means you can take care of unexpected leaks very quickly.

✓  Will cure in the presence of water

The beauty of using a water Activated pipe wrap repair kit is that it can cure even if there is still some water present.

✓  Multiple applications and operating environments

CPRL pipe repair kits can be used on a variety of pipes, joints and tee repairs of varying shapes and sizes. They can be used in many different environments including construction, manufacturing, marine, plumbing, mining, automotive, DIY, agricultural and more.


To learn more about our water-activated pipe wrap repair kits, get in touch today.

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