Epoxy Metal Paints

Epoxy metal paints have been designed with a special mix of ingredients and compounds to protect metal surfaces against moisture oxidisation and environmental or industrial chemicals. The epoxy coating formulation provides a barrier that reduces the access of moisture to the metal, preventing gingering and rust or damage from industrial chemicals, oils and salts.

There are a number of key benefits to using these 2 part epoxy metal paints when compared to other non-epoxy products. The epoxy metal paints offer outstanding durability, are longer lasting than standard paint and have excellent resistance to weather conditions, chemicals and heat. The material acts as a super adhesive protective barrier on the metal substrate which makes them perfect for use as an internal paint for metal, steel or storage tanks containing oils, chemicals, water, raw sewage, etc.

Here at CPRL our metal paint for steel and other metals is a 2 pack epoxy-based material and is available in 2 options:

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