Car Park Deck Paint

Day to day wear and tear will eventually take its toll on car park areas where there is heavy vehicular traffic. Additionally, regular pedestrian footfall and common spillages such as oil, fuel, brake fluids and other chemicals will all have an effect on the performance and appearance of the car park deck.

Finding a cost-effective, yet tough, durable and flexible car park paint needn’t be a difficult task. There are so many excellent products on the market today with advanced and super effective formulations with attributes such as slip resistance and resistance to chemicals and water and often come in a range of colours.

These car park deck paints are not simply for use to protect car parks and can be applied as a solution to a number of different floor coating projects – often these coatings are used for walkways, factory floors, yards and sports courts with equally great results.

Below are just a few of our top-selling car park floor paints:


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