Anti Corrosion Paint

For most metal surfaces, both indoors and outdoors corrosion can be a real problem. Corrosion occurs when the metal is exposed to atmospheric moisture and this moisture will begin to degrade the metal surface starting with gingering, then rust and ultimately structural damage with potential impacts on safety. This is the reason why anti-corrosion paints have been developed.

Anti-corrosion paint coatings have been designed specifically to address this problem and contain special ingredients and compounds to protect metal surfaces against moisture oxidisation and environmental or industrial chemicals. The coating formulation provides a barrier that reduces the access of moisture to the metal, preventing gingering and rust or damage from industrial chemicals and salts.

It is likely that anti-corrosion paint prices will be more expensive than a standard oil-based paint – which do not generally include these anti-corrosive properties. In the long run, the performance of these anti-corrosion paints and the price paid will outweigh an inferior coating making anti-corrosion paint much more cost-effective.

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