Concrete Primers

There are many different concrete primers on the market often having very distinct properties depending on the job at hand.

At CPRL we offer a range of concrete primers ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you are planning a large-scale industrial project such as painting a factory floor or a small job around the home such as improve the appearance of garage floors, we have got you covered.

Our concrete primer-sealers exhibit outstanding adhesion to concrete surfaces. Typically concrete primers are used to consolidate porous concrete before the application of concrete floor paints and coatings.

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Concrete Primers are suitable for use with a wide range of high build epoxy floor paints, Polyurethane resin-based paints.

Concrete Primer is supplied as 2 pack epoxy, comprising pre-weighed amounts of BASE and CURING AGENT components.

Here are just a few of our top selling concrete primer products and their features:

acid-resistant is used as a protective treatment for concrete or steel reinforcement in chemical environments. Often used in conjunction with other products from our range such as CPR 604 – Acid Resistant Epoxy Screed,  CPR 605 – Self Sealing Acid Resistant Screed or CPR 602 – Acid Resistant Epoxy Paint.

sub-zero these types of primer can cure at extremely low temperatures in locations like cold storage facilities, food processing plants, abattoir cold rooms, chemical handling plants, and outdoor environments with extremely cold weather. This allows you to prime and paint cold rooms, freezers, and food processing areas without adjusting the ambient temperature.

Another benefit is the significant reduction in downtime which might normally be required when performing floor repair maintenance or upgrades to concrete flooring and other surfaces.

water-based and solvent-free, unlike solvent-based, are ideal for use in sensitive operating environments like kitchens, laboratories, and food manufacturing facilities. They are perfect as a concrete floor primer as well as other surfaces. The material has been developed as an environmental-friendly product that can either be used as a stand-alone protective coating or in conjunction with paint and other coatings.

MMA concrete primers include damp tolerant for moisture, and oil tolerant for asphalt and tarmac. Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is an organic compound that is used in many concrete primer paints, coatings, and adhesive resin formulations and can be used on porous surfaces which transfer moisture easily. It enhances the durability, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and strength of floor coatings. These primers are quick-drying and can be used at low temperatures for a quick return to service.

Surface Tolerant primers are ideal for harsh environments where moisture, corrosion, or humidity are an issue. They can be applied directly onto damp or green concrete surfaces and dry very quickly. Any paint or other coatings that are subsequently applied will then enjoy a much longer lifespan.

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 Why Choose CPRL For Concrete Primers?

✓   We Only Supply High-quality Products

Our business is committed to offering customers access to the best primers, paints, and coatings on the market.

✓   Free Expert Advice

If you ever have any questions about a particular product or project, our friendly sales team will be available to help.

✓   One Of The UK’s Leading Suppliers Of Concrete Primers

Our business supplies all types and grades of concrete primers to thousands of clients across the UK for use in commercial, industrial, and residential environments.

✓   Low Prices

CPRL provides all products at competitive prices. If you find a competitor with a lower price, we will do our best to beat it.

More about our products – In addition to our range of concrete primers we offer a wide range of concrete sealers including, penny floor resin, concrete driveway sealer, damp proof membranes and epoxy concrete sealers read more here.

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