Anti-Static Floor Paint

Anti static floor paint is a specialist coating, typically used in environments where static electricity can build up naturally from the equipment being used and activities being undertaken. Industries such as telecoms, electronics, pharmaceuticals and aerospace are all likely candidates when it comes to needing anti static features in epoxy floor coatings.

How Does Anti Static Floor Paint Work?

Whether it is day to day movement of people and vehicles or repetitive movement of shop-floor machinery this movement will give rise to static electricity.

Anti-static epoxy floor paints work by providing a dissipative coating, to prevent the build-up of static charge on the surface of floors. They help prevent electrostatic discharge which is the pulse of static electricity that happens when a charged person or surface comes into contact with another object. This electrostatic discharge is what creates the ‘shock’ or the ‘spark’ associated with static electricity.

Although the ‘shock is generally harmless to humans there are environments where this build-up of electrostatic discharge can be a threat to chemical materials and sensitive electronic equipment. Anti-static floor coatings can help provide a safe working environment for staff and visitors, capturing these charges and grounding them before they create a reaction.

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