CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV

Typical Uses

  • CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV is typically used for filling of cracks and voids in concrete, brickwork and masonry.
  • Filling voids and joints where little or no movement is anticipated.
  • Filling thin section ‘blow outs’ or craters in concrete floors.


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Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV

CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV is a two pack, solvent free, rapid curing, low viscosity Epoxy resin designed for filling cracks and voids in concrete, brickwork and masonry. It is ideal for effecting rapid repairs to concrete floors.

Typical Properties

  • Easy to use
  • Very fast cure
  • Low viscosity
  • High strength
  • Excellent bond strengths to concrete, brickwork and masonry
  • Suitable for damp or dry surfaces
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Penetrates cracks from 0.2mm up to 20mm
  • Low temperature cure
  • Convenient 3:1 volume mix

Directions for Use

Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces to be treated shall be clean, sound and free from contaminants.
  • Cracks may be reamed out, and air or water flushed to remove contaminants, and allowed to dry.
  • Craters in concrete floors need to be clean, and free from grease and dust, etc.


  • Pour the contents of the CURING AGENT container into the BASE container and thoroughly mix, preferably by mechanical means until a uniform consistency is achieved.
  • Part mixing of packs is possible with care.
  • Mix in the ratio of 3 volumes Base to 1 volume Curing Agent.


  • Apply the CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV by gravity feed or by gunning or pumping into cracks.
  • For filling voids and craters, simply fill by pouring.
  • Once the resin has cured it can be ground down to level, or topped up if the level sinks.

Equipment Cleaning


  • CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV will be hard dry after 1 – 2 hours at 20°C.
  • Full mechanical properties will be achieved following 7 days cure at 20°C.
  • At lower temperatures curing time will be extended.
  • Please consult our Technical Team for specific data.

Storage and Shelf Life

  • Store in dry conditions, out of direct sunlight, at temperatures between 10°C and 25°C.
  • CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV has a minimum shelf life of 12 months shelf when stored in original, unopened containers in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.


  • CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV is supplied in 1ltr, 2ltr, & 5ltr litre packs.


  • The consumption of CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV is very much dependent on the depth and extent of cracks or voids within the substrate.

Technical Data

  • Viscosity: 400 cps @ 20°C
  • S.G.: 1.07
  • 20°C Pot Life: 10-15 minutes
  • Compressive strength: 80 MPa
  • Adhesion to concrete: 4.4 MPa (concrete failure)
  • Shore D Hardness: 85
  • Temperature range during application: -3°C to +30°C


  • Do not apply to wet or uncured concrete surfaces.
  • Do not apply at temperatures of less than -3°C

Health and Safety

  • Avoid contact of the material with skin and eyes.
  • Wear gloves and goggles.
  • Wash off splashes immediately with soap and water.
  • Any eye contamination must be rapidly irrigated with copious amounts of clean water, and immediate medical attention sought.
  • Please refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.
  • CPR 723 – Epoxy Concrete Crack Sealer – LV shall be applied strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • For specific advice regarding any aspect of this product please consult our Technical Team.

Legal Notice

Whilst all reasonable care is taken in compiling technical data on the Company’s products, all recommendations or suggestions regarding the use of such products are made without guarantee, since the conditions of use are beyond the control of the Company.

It is the customer’s responsibility to satisfy himself that each product is fit for the purpose for which he intends to use it, that the actual conditions of use are suitable and that in the light of our continual research and development program the information relating to each product has not been superseded.

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